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Minnesota Agate Gel Candle 8oz


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It only takes one visit and you're hooked! The Lake Superior shoreline is unlike any other place as it is sprinkled with colorful stones with every crashing wave that keeps you there longer than planned and has you dreaming of it as soon as you leave.

Now you can take a little piece of Lake Superior home or send it to a friend with our Lake Superior Agate Candle. Each candle is a unique piece of art and features hand-picked colorful stones and one Lake Superior agate front and center.

Although the candle you will receive is not the exact one pictured, it well represents the quality of the candle and stone you will receive.

One of the best things about this candle is that you are rewarded with the Lake Superior treasures on the bottom when you are through burning it!!!

Candle dimensions with lid - 3.8" x 3.2"
10oz heat resistant jar will hold approximately 8oz of gel wax
Gel candles burn slow so you can expect 2-3x the burn time of a traditional soy candle!
Burn time - 90 hrs!

Notes of bergamot, rosemary mint, and woods. Our signature scent is clean, fresh, a little woodsy, and not overpowering.

1. Place your candle on a stable, flat, heat resistant surface & away from flammable items and/or drafty areas. Do not touch or move candle while lit.

2. Your first burn should be 2-4 hours in length. Gel candles burn very slow and need time to reach a full melt pool. During subsequent burns allow enough time for the candle wax to melt from the edges to prevent 'tunnelling'.

3. Frequent wick trimming is key. Zinc core wicks will "mushroom" during longer burns. Trim candle wick to 1/8"- 1/4" prior to burning and mid-burn if you notice the flame is low/struggling or high/smoking. If you don't already own a wick trimmer we highly recommend getting one so that you can easily trim the wick while catching the trimmed end and soot to keep your gel wax clean and clear of debris.

4. Air bubbles are normal throughout the gel wax and will slowly disappear as the candle wax heats up.

5. For safety purposes, discontinue use when 1/2 inch of wax remains. Do not burn right down to sand or rocks. Once the wax has cooled, you can remove the treasures inside!

6. Never leave a burning candle unattended. The contents inside are non-flammable and have been tested, but as the wax melts, items inside could shift and obstruct the wick(s).

7. Always keep well out of the reach of children & pets. In between burns, replace the lid to keep your candle clean and free of dust and debris.