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What If?: What Makes You Different Makes You Amazing! (Board Book)


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Celebrate our differences in this inspirational board book from Sandra Magsamen, the USA Today bestselling author of Welcome Little One!

What if we celebrate each other and what makes us different? Because there’s beauty and power in being unique! In this diversity and inclusion book for babies and toddlers, learn how it’s okay to be different, because our differences are our biggest gifts and allow us to be our one-of-a-kind selves. Full of lively illustrations and a warm, inspiring message, this kindness and self-esteem book will give your little one the courage to embrace their individuality and accept others for who they are.

This special story is the perfect gift for new parents and newborns, book for baby showers, birthday gift, Valentine’s Day book, or for simply expressing the love you have for the unique little one in your life!

If all of us were exactly alike and totally the same,
We'd be boring and dull and that would be a shame.
Everyone is someone special. We are all one of a kind.
Just show the world who you are―let your you-ness shine!

What If? What Makes You Different Makes You Amazing! is an inspiring board book by Sandra Magsamen that celebrates individuality and diversity.

This book is specifically designed for babies and toddlers, making it a perfect addition to their early reading collection.

With its encouraging messages and colorful illustrations, this book encourages children to embrace their unique qualities and appreciate the differences in others.

Whether you are reading it to your little one or giving it as a gift, What If?: What Makes You Different Makes You Amazing! is a heartwarming book that promotes self-confidence and acceptance.